Max and Marnie will soon be ready for a new home. Max and Marnie were found in Perth with their mum. Because Max and Marnie have never had human contact they are considered feral and have had to be tamed up. The taming process is progressing well and both kittens can now be handled but at times handling is still limited. As with domestic kittens they love to play generally create mayhem in their current home. They love to play together but also like the interaction with people especially when a feather wand is waved. When resting they very affectionate and purr continuously. They love to have their tummies rubbed and it is fun to watch them dough punching the air. To continue with the domestication process we are looking for someone who has the time and patience to devote to these two mischievous twins. When they arrive at their new home, they will be a little strange but with the right person they will soon adjust to their new environment.

Max and Marine are 9 weeks old and because of their difficult start in life, they must be homed together. NO YOUNG CHILDREN.

If you would like to give Max and Marnie a loving home please call Linda on 01382 330457 

All checks will be carried out.