Freddie and Penny

This decision has been very difficult for me and my family but it’s one we have to make due to change in circumstances along with other reasons.
 Freddie and penny have been together since penny was around 7 months old. They absolutely adore each other and will sleep all cozied up together everyday as you can see in one of the photos.
Freddie has a typical ragdoll temperament. He absolutely loves snuggling up to us on the couch for a wee clap and will happily sit there whilst our toddler claps him a little too enthusiastically also. He is a beautiful cat inside and out.
I think as they have spent almost their whole lives together penny has taken on the ragdoll temperament. She has the same affectionate nature as Freddie and loves coming up for a clap and will happily sit with you all night.
Freddie is a long haired blue ragdoll who will be 9 on the 14th June this year and penny is a long haired tortie moggie who will be 10 on the 3rd November.
Freddie lives for his dinner time as they only have wet food once a day and he adores it. We have found that anymore wet food can upset their stomachs.
They are both outside cats and always have been. They love to explore the outdoors although won’t venture too far away from the house and will usually hear the cupboard door opening where their food is kept and Freddie will come racing back in.
Penny had a problem with one of her canine teeth. You can see it protrudes in her photos so we recently took her to the vet and she had it removed along with a few others. This doesn’t affect her ability to eat or drink.
We usually take them both to the groom room once a year as they can become a little matted with their long coats around this time of year. They are also both neutered.
They are both absolutely adorable cats and will make another family very happy. They would be suitable for families with children or without but I would think they would probably be best for an older couple without children so they can live out their lives in a chilled, stress free environment. If you would like to offer Freddie and Penny a home please call Linda on 01382 330457. All checks will be done.