Tiger and Tigar

Sadly Tiger and Tigar are 2 boys who were cruelly left behind in Abernethy when the “so called owners” moved house and left them to fend for themselves. Sue got an anonymous call to say they were living in the garden patiently waiting for owners to let them in the house – but to no avail. Sue picked them up took them to the Sanctuary were they are now in a warm shelter and being fed regularly.

Tiger and Tigar are very timid but we are unsure if this is because of the stress of being abandoned or the change of environment so we are looking for an experienced cat owner who would be willing to take them on and give them some comfort and love. Initially it would be best for them to be kept indoors for a couple of months. Tiger 14 years old and Tigar is 7 years old. Because of the bond these delightful 2 cats have we prefer Tiger and Tigar to be homed together.

As these 2 guys are very timid and because of the lack of background knowledge we must insist that there are No Young Children in their new home.

If you can offer Tiger and Tigar a loving home please call Sue on 01337 840414.

Please be aware that home checks will be done.