Hi Folks – My name is Dylan and I was found at a fish farm near Loch Leven. When I was rescued I was soaking wet, cold, lonely and very frightened. There was no sign of my mother and I do not know if I had any brothers or sisters consequently I am very timid and due to this I am socially naive when in contact with humans.

When I arrived at the kitten fosterer I had a high temperature and my bowels were working overtime. The kitten fosterer (Linda) took me to see a man ( I think humans call him a vet) who prodded me, listened to my heart and put an object up my rear end. The diagnosis was that I did have a bacterial infection and was given a couple of not too painful injections to treat the condition. After 48 hours I felt really good and am still on medication. I resisted taking this oral medication at first but now I quite like it.

The kitten fosterer has provided me with a warm bed and a variety of foods such as delicious chicken, yummy cat food and very tasty biscuits. For this kindness I know I need to show more affection but due to my lack of social interaction I am still very timid and for the first few days I growled and spat when she came near me and handled me.

The kitten fosterer introduced me to lots of different toys and other items to play with but because they make a noise when they move I am still very scared however my confidence is slowly increasing but I am making an effort (not enough according to the fosterer) to play.

Because of my lack of social skills and my timidness I will not come to the person calling my name however I am getting used to being handled and enjoy sitting on the fosterer’s lap and to show my appreciation I purr constantly.

The fosterer has provided me with a warm bed and great food and I even have a big room all to myself. I will be eternally grateful to the fosterer for the love and kindness she has given to me but I know that this is short term and to help me get on with my life I need to find a permanent home.

I don’t really know what I am looking for so here are some pointers to help me find my forever home as I am not getting any younger (Currently I am 11 weeks old).

For the first few weeks, I definitely need someone who has a lot of time to spend with me and has a lot of experience in dealing with the vagaries of the feline species.

If I had a playmate, perhaps a young cat, this might boost my confidence but this is not a prerequisite.

Initially I must have a room of my own so that I can get used to the sounds and smells of my new environment. Watch my updates and progress on the Whinnybank Facebook page 

Unfortunately there must be No Small Children as my timidness and lack of confidence could not cope.

If you would like to give Dylan his forever home, please call Linda on 01382 330457.

We will loan a kitten cage to help to start of with in his new home.

Please Note: Home checks will done.