Maddie is a nearly 9 year old, neutered female looking for a loving new owner. Maddie has been with the same family for 8 years but due to a change in circumstances they are no longer able to provide the environment she needs.

Maddie is very loving and docile and has never scratched or bitten. Maddie would be best suited to a house with no dogs or small children, access to outdoors and a litter tray/ cat flap. Maddie eats dry cat food as she has a tendency to gorge on wet food and be sick! Maddie loves to drink water from her paw and any glass of water left lying out is fair game (same goes for open margarine cartons).

Maddie is an excellent mouser and enjoys spending time outdoors in the summer months. Maddie is really not keen on being outside in cold weather. Maddie likes to sleep up high, her current favourite spot is atop a tall chest of drawers or curled up on a chair close to the fire. Maddie  is fully vaccinated and neutered. If can give Maddie a loving home please call Linda on 01382 330457  MADDIE IS NOW BOOKED