Maya is an extremely cute cat looking for a new home. Maya is a young cat and we estimate she is about 2 years old. Maya came into our foster care depressed, not willing to move or eat much and she was very scared. However, it only took her a couple of days in the new environment to show us how sweet, loving and how playful she can be.

Maya doesn’t need much; she doesn’t seek out attention but she’s always very happy when she gets it. Maya simply loves belly rubs and when stroked, she rolls on her back from side to side a lot. She is always willing to play.

Maya is still very skittish, she gets scared of loud noises but she’s never aggressive. If anything, Maya will try to run away and hide or curl into a ball as if she wanted to disappear. After you start petting her with gentle but confident strokes, she soon relaxes and starts purring and exposing her belly. She uses her litter tray and scratching post without any problem. She’s also perfectly healthy, recently vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas. She doesn’t go out and right now doesn’t show any interest in it. She prefers comfortable, warm blankets and a chair or bed to watch the world go by.

Maya would probably be happy in a quiet home, preferably without other pets or young kids (older children might be okay), with a family that will understand that she needs some time to come out of her shell. Ideally we would prefer Maya’s new home to have a garden that she can explore if she wishes to. After she learns that she can trust her new owner and starts feeling safe again, she will reward them with plenty of affection and many moments of joy and I’m sure she’ll bond with them for life. If you would like to offer Maya a loving home please call Sue on 01337 840414 or Linda on 01382 330457 ALL checks will be done Maya is now homed