Whinnybank News

Sue likes to put cat’s stories in the news so people know what can happen when rescuing cats. Lucky is a young black male who was with us for about 10 weeks. His owner phoned Sue very upset late one evening – for some reason she had been evicted from her flat and all her belongings were put out in the garden, along with her cat. Her friend had to go and feed her cat as his owner was isolating due to Covid. Lucky was picked up by a colleague of Sue’s and he has now been re-homed with a retired chef who lives in the country and has a very large garden. So, Lucky has been very Lucky!! 🙂 Thanks go to Candy who donated lots of treats for all our birds – hens, ducks etc.

If you can offer a home to a cat, help at fundraising events, in our shops or at the sanctuary, please call Sue on 01337 840414, or see us online at www.catchat.org/whinnybank and www.whinnybank.org.uk