Rogue and her siblings Pepper and Loki were found under a shed and have had no human contact what so ever. They are about 10 weeks old. Our new fosterer Jenny is in the arduous process of taming them up. They are coming along slowly. Ideally we are looking for a new owner that can carry on the Jenny’s good work. Be warned – you must have experience in taming feral kittens. As you will see on our Facebook page they are playing about but are still not too keen on being lifted. The taming process is time consuming but in the short time they have been with Jenny they have got a lot braver but a move to a new home will set them back. They can not go where there are young children but ideally a loving home where they are going to get a lot of attention and much needed company. We would prefer that Pepper and Loki are homed together. Rogue is a bit more feisty and and will take a lot longer to come round hence the reason we would like her to go on her own. Please note – Feral cats do not make good house cats – they prefer the wide open spaces.

If you are interested in offering these kittens their forever home, please call Linda on 01382 330457. All home checks will be done.