Flash and Charming

Flash and Charming are 2 brothers and are semi feral.They are very close and very timid so they must be homed together . They are 3 and a half years old. We are looking for someone with patience and time to help them gain their confidence. Flash is a black cat with white socks white whiskers and a white flash across his nose… he is a short haired, sleek cat who will always look after his brother…. he is not very keen on getting touched on the top of his head. But he is beautiful! Charming – well he is just handsome. He is black white paws and whiskers… but he has a white mustache and bib He is very shy but he holds his head very high and is such a very, very beautiful cat. Flash is a bit braver so will always keep an eye on Charming.. who is actually a very big cat. It would be nice for them to enjoy a garden and the sun. Flash and Charming are not used to young children, so no young children please. ARE NOW BOOKED

If you can offer Flash and Charming a loving home please call Sue on 01337 840414 All checks will be done .