Aka Angel and Wee Man

Aka Angel and Wee Man Both kittens were collected from Stirlingshire, local resident had taken them in after having been feeding their mummy, whom had passed away. Both kittens were feral on arrival, they’ve made great progress and are tame enough to find loving homes. They are roughly 17 weeks old, Angel is the smaller of the two. Both kittens can be rehomed with other cats. No young children. We would like them to go together. Angel will require a bit more time to adjust and needs her brother. Angel is the shyest of the two and can be easily frightened, she will need a family with a lot of patience to continue to build her confidence and trust. Wee Man is the rebel of the two and a bit more adventurous. He is extremely affectionate and likes to jump/sit on your shoulder and gives the best cat kisses and cuddles. They both have healthy appetites and love snacks. They love playing in their cat palace, with their laser pen, with each other and chasing feet/toes. If you would like to give this pair a loving please call Linda on 01382 330457 The first picture is when they first came into the Foster ARE NOW BOOKED