Old soldier is a very friendly boy who has spent most of his life on the street and has survived thanks to kind people feeding him and providing him with the occasional home for the night. Due to the condition of his teeth we estimate he is roughly 14 years old.

Alas age is catching up with him and poor Soldier has kidney failure and is on special kidney biscuits (Hills Science K/D) to hopefully give him a few more years.

We are looking for someone with a big heart to take Soldier on and to care for him so that his final years are spent in a loving environment. As Soldier has never been owned (as far as we know) and has always been a street cat, we would like Soldier to have access to a garden enclosed if possible (but not essential) for him to enjoy the sun and play about but also for him to have the warmth of a home and a knee to sit on. Soldier must be the only cat in the household because of his diet to ensure he does not get access to other food. All vet bills will be paid for by the Sanctuary’s Vet in Newburgh. We will also supply the new owner with the special K/D biscuits. If you have it in your heart to give Soldier a loving home please call Sue on 01337 840414 All home checks will be done.OLD SOLIDER IS NOW HOMED 🙂