These fur babies are the friendliest Ragdolls you will ever meet. They love cuddles and being picked up. The love their ears being rubs and their tummy’s. Sometimes we never have enough hands. They are brother and sister and also best friends. They like to explore during the day and sleep at night. They aren’t keen exploring in the dark they come in when called. Mya is the black mittens ragdoll and Mylo is seal lynx point ragdoll cats. They are excellent with children and families. They respect your space and won’t just jump up of you but welcome when they are invited for a cuddle. Mylo and Mya are 17 months old Birth date 20th October 2018 Mylo and Mya will not be split up they must go together. If you are intrested in Mylo and Mya please call Linda on 01382 330457 All home checks will be done.    MYA AND MYLO ARE NOW HAPPILY HOMED.