Biscuit and Buttons

Biscuit and Buttons were rescued from a farm in Rathillet Fife with there mum. The mum went back to the farm but the kittens came to the sanctuary and were then taking to our foster Carol. Biscuit and Buttons are 12 week old semi feral kittens. The foster Carol is doing her best to tame them up and has been working very hard with them in the last week they are coming on very slowly but it would be nice for them to go to there forever home to someone that knows about feral’s and to carry on the work that Carol is doing.  We do not want them to go to stables or working farm cats as we think they will turn out to be loving cats Please call Linda on 01382 330457. If you are interested in giving Biscuits and Buttons a loving home.All home checks will be done.

Biscuits and Buttons are now happily homed