Frankie and Wolverine /Wolfy for short are mother and son. Frankie the mum is 2 years old and Wolfe is 4 months old. They have to be homed together as Wolfe mum is very timid and needs the support of her son to help her  to come out of  her shell. Frankie is very loving towards her son and adores him  Frankie will needs to get to know you before she will let you clap her once she trust you she can be very loving and will let you rub her tummy  so she will need someone with patients and a lot time to gain her confidence. Wolfy is a beautiful cuddly boy he is always full of purrs and loves getting petted he loves his toys and like to play and adores his mum.Update Frankie only took five days to come out her shell we think it was just the move and getting neutered that set her back she is now out and running about and paying with Wolfy . 

NO YOUNG CHILDREN  Please do not phone and ask if we can separate them as this is not an option.

Frankie and Wolfy have both been neutered and vaccinated  Now Happily homed