Alsa and Asia are both female cats and are 1 year old and two months. Alsa is the long hair . She is a very proud girl. Asia is the short hair cat and she is very shy . They both love each others company and they love to play. They are very loving and very good with kids. Alsa the long hair loves to sit in the sink.  They don’t like strangers Alsa and Asia are indoors cats. Don’t like going out. The don’t like the sound of the hoover.  They were taken away from  the previous owner as they were abusing the cats. And they were underweight. The previous owner had some  underlying issues  that’s the reason they were taken away.They are both looking for a loving home together. They are both  vaccinated and neutered.

Please phone Sue on 01337 840414 or Linda on 01382 330457 If you can not get us please send a message on our Facebook page