Due to unfortunate circumstances Sky and Kii are looking for a new home.Sky and Kii have to be homed together. Sky is 5 year old and Kii is 4 years old

They have only been going out for a few months and are still very much home bodies and panic if they can’t get in and are not too good at asking out. They have never used a cat flap so would need be taught. They are both so loving and Sky is definitely BOSS !!!

Kii loves cardboard or paper to play on.Sky is more reserved and lady like. They live on Go Cat dry food and Felix wet pouches. They don’t really like fresh chicken or anything but like the advert they will KILL for Dreamies once a day and shaking the tin is ideal way to get them in. They are not used to roads or busy areas or small children who get overexcited around them . They will hide to Start off so please don’t worry , they will come out and explore slowly.  They love tickles and getting brushed and would suit an slightly older couple. They have been brought up with dogs but are much more adventurous if there are no other pets.  Sky and Kii are both neutered and micro chipped so the detail for the chip will have to be updated to new owner.Sky and Kii are now happily homed 🙂