Onza, Dulce, Osa and Weka

These 8-9 weeks old four female kittens were found in a farm when they were some 4 weeks old. The mother had died and they were a bit stomach-sick and scared. Good care by Sue at Whinnybank got them really nice and healthy. They have been in a foster home for a week now. In that time they have changed a lot, from being shy in a corner to run around the room playing continuously with each other, it´s tons of fun to watch them!  They like to retreat to their box to have siestas and love to be caressed while in the box, responding with loud purrs and licking of the caressing hand. They are still shy about sitting on top of people to be caressed, but Onza and Dulce have already started to do it and we hope the others will follow soon!  All of them are really well educated to use the litter tray and will bring tons of happiness to their adoptive owners with some patience and love. Right now it would be better that they are not with small children, although my 9 years old nephew had a great afternoon playing with them and a feathered ALL ARE NOW HAPPILY HOMED 🙂onzadulceosaweka