Whinnybank News

Sue has a few trapping jobs on the go just now – all her traps are currently in use! She completed a job at Stenton this week, trapping a semi-feral mum & her four 3-month old kittens. One local resident did his best to scupper Sue’s hard work by feeding them but Sue persevered & got them all in the end. They are being neutered this week – mum will be returned & Sue will find a new home for the 4 semi-feral kittens. Without this trapping & neutering it would not have been long before there was an expanding feral colony! She can now focus more on the other feral jobs near Perth. We are appealing for a new home for Hendry – a lovely ginger & white boy who has been at the Sanctuary since Xmas!! He is 3-4 years old, is very friendly & loves fuss & a cuddle. He is on a sensitive stomach dry food diet which is no more expensive than a normal diet so we hope this isn’t putting people off giving this deserving lad a new home. He doesn’t like other cats, & young children are a bit too boisterous for him but other than that he is a big loving softy! Please call Sue if you can offer him a loving home.

If you can offer a home to a cat, help at fundraising events, in our shops or at the sanctuary, please call Sue on 01337 840414, or see us online at www.catchat.org/adoption/fife.html & www.whinnybank.org.uk