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Jasmine and Jayjay are brother and sister, they are 2 years old & both neutered. They are very affectionate – Jayjay loves to stretch up and put his paws on your waist to get attention & Jasmine goes round and round your legs for attention. They are both very chatty. Jasmine and Jayjay have always been house cats but we would like them to have access to a garden as they have a lot of energy to burn. One of them has a sensitive stomach (we think it is Jasmine) but she is absolutely fine so long as she is kept on a special diet for a sensitive stomach. The food is no more expensive than ordinary cat food & can be bought easily through a vet or online. There is no need to feed them separately as Jayjay is quite happy eating the same food. A DONATION ONLY ARE NOW BOTH HAPPILY HOMED 🙂