George is a very handsome 9 month old boy who is looking for a very special home! He was with his previous owners since 6 weeks of age & should have grown up to be a confident wee cat but unfortunately he has spent the past few months being tormented by the children of the house. As a result he has lost trust in humans and cowers or tries to hide if you go near him – poor wee soul!! If you get on the floor with him he will let you stroke him and he will start to purr – which is pretty amazing with all he has been through!! But if you pick him up he becomes a bag of nerves & he literally shakes all over.


The fosterer who is currently caring for George is working hard to help him regain his confidence in humans but as she has other cats he is unlikely to fully settle there. We feel that he needs a forever home with someone with the time & patience to help him learn to trust humans again and to gradually become the confident wee boy he should be. George has to be the only cat in his new home – also, no dogs & definitely no young children!! (although he may be okay with quiet responsible teenagers) We have just been told that George is mixing very well with the fosters other cats so George can now go were there is another cat 🙂 

George is now happily homed 🙂 


If you are interested in offering George a new life with the love & patience he deserves please call Linda on 01382 330457

We always check new homes for cats & kittens.GEORGE1 GEORGE