A tiny tabby cat was found in a woodland in Fife. Goodness knows how she got there – perhaps she had set out to buy a new coat as the one she was wearing was threadbare! This little cat who was aged around 20 years was at death`s door when Sue picked her up. Her eyes were sunken and her very thin body quivered with the stress of being rescued. Her nature won everyone over as she is such a sweetie and what she lacked in weight was more than made up in affection. Rushed to Claire the vet who worked her magic over the next couple of weeks and even risked doing a dental as her mouth was in such a poor state it was painful for her to eat.Being mid summer there was no chance of her being rehomed at her age – the glut of kittens are having difficulty finding homes and an old lady stands even less odds. Lyn of Wormit Retirement Home for Felines willingly offered her star accommodation – own room with fresh food – chicken, white fish and any other dietery requirements on tap – tv and en suite ( litter tray). Now called Thumbelina she is happily settled and does not even mind the dogs! She is guaranteed a home for life now and we hope that is for a very long time.