Hello Foster mummy and daddy and nice cat centre lady!

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am in my new home! My mummy and daddy love me very much and they spoil me rotten.

To date I have been given and lost almost 7 toys! mummy discovered that the pet shop down the road stocks these little furry balls with feathers on them and cat nip in them that I love to play with for hours, but then they mysteriously disappear and mummy hunts everywhere for them…. I won’t tell her but I have a stash of them hidden! I have been eating very well, mummy discovered that Fish is my favourite so tries to add that in with the meat, I have been getting a mix of Iams food and Whiskas just to get me healthy and onto good food.

I had my first visit to the vet down the road, I did not like travelling down there, I meowed a lot in my basket but once I got there I was ok. The nice Irish Vet looked me over and said I was all good, he gave me a yucky needle but I did not cringe or cry out or anything. I was scared at first but by the end of the visit I wanted to get down and play, mummy had to hold onto me, while the man checked me for fleas or worms.

My favourite toy in the house is a big box that sits in the corner, I play in it all day, but then I also love my scratch tower and my small scratch post…I like to play on each of them when I feel like it. Mummy calls me hobo cat when I sit in the box, she found me watching the TV the other day. My other favourite spot is in the bathroom sink, mummy found me lying in it the other day splashing in the dripping tap, she tries to stop me going in there, but daddy leaves the door open sometimes, so I sneak in.

I am happy and bright eyed, I want to chew everything but mummy checked with the vet and he said that was normal at my age and that it would settle down after my teething. I love to snuggle and can be found in the bed when mummy and daddy are asleep, they try to stop me coming in but I meow and meow til they let me.

I am spoilt and happy and love it here, mummy has sent some photos and I sent you both a big hug!

love Hobbes