Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rowan and Corrie are looking for a new home. Rowan is in her 11th year and Corrie is in his 15th year. To avoid any further stress, Rowan and Corrie must be homed together.
They are both very affectionate, often seen grooming each other’s head and neck or curled up close together. 
They are both very playful and enjoy chasing laser lights, pouncing on each other around corners. Corrie is particularly vocal, often singing, chittering and purring loudly. He’s quick to let you know if wants attention or food.
Rowan loves rolling on her back and having her tummy rubbed, often right in front of your feet! She also likes to rub herself around your ankles and she squeaks when she wants petted.
Neither cat would be good around children. They are not used to them and don’t like a lot of loud noise.
They have always been house cats but with a little encouragement, I’m sure both of them would enjoy becoming outdoor cats. If they remain as house cats, they will need a lot of play time and stimulation.
Both have been healthy all their lives, with no serious illness at all.

We would prefer that Rowan and Corrie are relocated to a quiet country home, away from busy roads so that if they do venture outdoors, they can relax and explore the garden.
They love to sit on your lap and will take every opportunity to invite you to make a fuss of them. If you would like to offer Rowan and Corrie a loving home please Call Linda on 01382 330457 or Sue on 01337840414