Sadly I have lost my cat April, she went missing on the 17th of July and despite our searching daily we still have no sign of her.
The last place see was seen was in the Balhousie area/ behind Asda Perth on the 17th of July around 12pm. April is a female black and white 10 year old cat, she quite small and skinny with short hair. When she left she was wearing a black collar with a silver stripe but with no ID tag and she is micro chipped but it is addressed to her old home, she is neutered. April has a small nick out of her left ear almost like a perfect triangle and has striking green eyes, she is one of the friendliest cats you’ll meet and all she looks for it attention. As she has just moved to a new home we are afraid she may have lost her way while out or as the day she left was lovely, may have been locked in someones sheds though we have been round all the neighbours and asked them to have a look but still no sign.
 we are so worried and really want her to come back home,