Sadly due to the owner having ill health she is having to re-home Babette

Babette is two years old. She was born in Fochabers May 2nd 2017, from a rescue cat. She was the last to leave the litter at 10 weeks and came home to her owner in Dundee. The plan was that she would go to a friend’s house with a garden when she became an adult. But when she moved to her new home, the resident cat was very aggressive and rejected her so she returned to her present owner. She is neutered and vaccinated.

Babette is a house cat and would really like to go out, but unfortunately her current home is not safe outside. She has got out by accident once or twice and chased butterflies and birds. She’s an inquisitive, playful and intelligent cat who likes lots of attention from her owner. She’s not a lap cat but purrs when stroked, brushed and played with. When she’s feeling very affectionate, she likes to lick. She’s very shy of strangers but she does get to know visitors quite quickly. Once she gets to know you, she’ll hang out with you.

Favourite games are chase-the-laser-mouse, hide-the-dreamie, and using an interactive feeder. She also likes a rough game, kicking and play-biting.

Her favourite foods are fish, and kibble, and dreamies.

Babette does not like the doorbell and loud noises – she runs and hides under the duvet.

Babette’s ideal home would be a place in the countryside or enclosed garden, with an understanding human who would help her get used to going outside. She would bond very closely with one person.

No young children.

If you would like to give Babette a loving home please call Linda on 01382 330457