Whinnybank News

Thankfully the cat flu breakout at Whinnybank is easing – the adults are recovering well but the feral kittens are still affected, a shame as they hate having the eye cream they need. Big thanks go to Paul & Sarah of Sunny Harbour who have experience of this nasty virus & gave Sue the best food to fight it, including Royal Canin Mummy & Baby biscuits & paste, which they are eating well. The 8 kittens & 2 mums also demolish half a cooked chicken in one go! One of our cats was sadly killed on the road this week by a reckless driver who passes by most days at about 7am. This is the 3rd cat we have lost this year at that time of day. Because a lot of children come up on their bikes & scooters to see our cats, hens & ducks in the afternoons, Sue is concerned about their safety when this driver makes his return journey about 4.30 – 5pm. Our road is also a cycle route. The police are also concerned about this & have asked for the car’s registration number.

If you can offer a home to a cat, help at fundraising events, in our shops or at the sanctuary, please call Sue on 01337 840414, or see us online at www.catchat.org/adoption/fife.html & www.whinnybank.org.uk