Whinnybank News

A cat in very poor condition had been spotted over 3 days behind Poundstretchers in Cupar this week – Sue thought it may belong to a couple whose cat was missing so she suggested they went to see it. Sadly, it was not their cat but they kindly took it home & took it to the vets the next day where it was discovered it was microchipped – the 18 year old had been missing for 3 months & is now happily reunited with its owners. Our Christmas Raffle starts early this year as it is a raffle with a difference – an “Advent Raffle” with 24 prizes over 24 days! Prizes include whisky, Christmas Cakes, wine, chocolates, big teddies & much more. The prizes will be on display in the window of our Newburgh shop & tickets (£1 each) will be available from the end of this week in both our shops & the vets in Newburgh. We need to raise as much as we can to buy the extra cat food we need over the winter – January & February are a hard time for us as our shops are quiet & there are no book sales to raise funds. Thanks to everyone who has donated prizes.

If you can offer a home to a cat, help at fundraising events, in our shops or at the sanctuary, please call Sue on 01337 840414, or see us online at www.catchat.org/adoption/fife.html & www.whinnybank.org.uk