17 September 2013

A heavily pregnant cat from Auchtermuchty, who was never claimed, gave birth to 4 kittens a week after coming into the Sanctuary. Thanks go to kitten fosterer Kate for giving up a night’s sleep! Mum and all 4 kittens are doing well. We have homed a few cats recently and, for the first time this year, Sue has 3 empty pens – with winter around the corner it is a blessing. Sunny Harbour cat rescue asked Sue to help them deal with a derelict house near Glasgow with 20+ cats and kittens in it. We have heard that the SSPCA are now going to deal with it. Thanks this week go to: Mary, Brian & Ian for their donation of bric-a-brac, cat food and money; all the people who have donated plums; and Marjorie for the cat food and lovely plants.