13 August 2013

Auchtermuchty festival was quieter this year so we didn’t do so well as previous years. Many thanks to all the faithful people who helped out. Digger, a lovely young white cat at the Sanctuary was released at the Sanctuary – he hung around quite happily for a couple of weeks but then disappeared. Sue was convinced that someone had stolen him! Her neighbours have got quite used to Whinnybank cats turning up on their doorstep but they had not seen Digger. Sue was over the moon to hear that he homed in on a house (that already had a cat, Paddy, from Whinnybank) in the next valley after being missing for a month. They were so pleased to hear that he was up for homing as they had fallen in love with him so he has now got his forever home with Paddy, who is very happy to have a new friend.