24 April 2013

Better late than never, here’s the Easter Raffle winners: 1st Prize, Hamper, Arryn McKercher; 2nd Prize, Eternal Romance, Maggie hairdresser; 3rd Prize, Martini Glass, Isobel McDonald; 4th Prize, Magical Delight, Rene; 5th Prize, Raspberry Spa, Mandy Foley; 6th Prize, Covent Garden Spa, Kate Duncan. Bella, the young cat who lost all the fur on her legs a few weeks ago, has found her forever home with fosterers Julie Adam and family. They just couldn’t bear to part with her! Sue has just released 10 ferals from Autumn families at the Sanctuary, they can’t be kept penned for ever. With so many mouths to feed, the donations of food we receive are crucial and much appreciated. Thanks go to fosterer Kate Shepard for all the hard work she has put in with the mum and kittens; to Mr & Mrs Aitken of Grange of Lindores for their kind donation of lots of lovely things; and to volunteer Ann for working extra hours in our ‘Muchty shop. Kitten fosterer Linda made a load of glass covers, and would like to thank Linda Boyle for buying them all! She raised £52 – well done!