16 April 2013

Thankfully the weather has improved, at last! Our pond is full of frog spawn, and the grass is growing which is very important for nice eggs. The Sanctuary birds are trying to hide their eggs, blissfully unaware that Sue is an expert at finding them! Frances’ cat Minto has moved up to Whinnybank and, having been used to a heated house, it would have been cruel to move him in the extreme cold weather.  We have 2 black teenage cats, last Autumn’s kittens, who are desperate for a new home (thanks to Lisa for fostering them since they were 8 weeks old) It is very hard on both the cats, and the fosterer, when they are fostered for so long, so we need a permanent home for them asap. It is car boot sale time at last, so we can raise some much-needed funds. It has been a very hard winter! We desperately need lots more clothes for our shops. Thanks this week go to Rona and Betty of Cupar for their donation of bedding for the cats.