27 February 2013

Dedicated supporter of Whinnybank, Frances Rennie of Auchtermuchty passed away peacefully in her sleep on Saturday 23rd February, she would have been 90 in May. Minto, her cat, was a stray at her door one cold winter’s day a few years ago and, being very much a cat lover, Frances was happy to give him a home. Arthritic Minto will stay at the Sanctuary for the rest of his life. God bless you Frances, you will be sorely missed. A young cat called Belle, who Sue has been nursing for 6 weeks, has gone to kitten fosterer Linda for extra space and time. She was getting too fond of Sue, which really wasn’t fair as Sue would not be able to keep her. Hopefully she will go from strength to strength, and be well enough to go to a permanent home in the not too distant future. Thanks go to everyone who has donated cat food recently.