09 January 2013

Sue is very ill with a chest infection, and is unable to attend to her usual duties. She would like to thank all her friends for their best wishes, and for rallying ’round. Thankfully, a lot of our cats have been homed since Christmas, so it’s really (just!) the 300 ferals and the birds that need caring for. The cats closest to Sue are all confused that she is not getting on with things at her usual 100 miles an hour! A special thank you goes to Simone and Adam for their donation of a huge bag of glittery catnip mice – they must have taken ages to make! When Sue got home that day, some of the cats had raided the bag and helped themselves to about 10 of the mice. Sue was able to rescue the rest! Heartfelt thanks go to all the kind people who donated food and money on the run up to Christmas. The donations of money really helped, as Sue had to cancel all of December’s book sales due to bad weather, and was wondering how she would manage without the funds she would have raised. The cats were very happy to have full tummies, and Sue was able to give them their usual turkey dinner! Kitten Linda is making dog/cat beds again, and would appreciate any unwanted quilts (not feather please).