13 November 2012

As the year draws to an end, we are getting more and more homeless cats & kittens. As a result, we are getting really short on food supplies! There is a happy end to a long story, we had two Bengal cats at the Sanctuary for seven months before they were homed to Perth, but unfortunately their owner became ill and had to give them up. The cats now have a new home in the country, and the people who had to give them up will be cat-sitting for the new owners. All’s well that ends well! Early warning – the Auchtermuchty shop will be closed for most of January, for a long overdue make-over. We will open on Wednesdays so you can still buy bird seed, eggs etc, but it might be worth stocking up on seed in December. Does anyone in Muchty have some storage space, that we could use short term for the clothes out of the shop, while we decorate? We are happy to receive any old Christmas decorations, we have Xmas cards, wrapping paper, candles etc for sale in both our shops.