29 October 2012

Sue has started a farm feral job in New Gilston, and caught 10 out of about 16 on her first trip. They were so hungry, it was easy to catch them! She will be starting another feral job at East Wemyss this week. We have 33 kittens with different fosterers all in need of homes, so if you have been thinking about getting a kitten, now would be a good time! A lot of food has been handed into our shops, thanks to all concerned. Tikka the Sphynx cat, who was so unhappy at the Sanctuary, has got a new home. She sleeps on her owners pillow, so we can be sure she is now a happy girl! A warm welcome goes to our new fosterer, Juliette of Leuchars, who has already taken on a mum and 9 kittens! Steve from the Newburgh shop offered to foster a mum and kitten, and has now decided to give them a permanent home. Good luck goes to Newburgh helper Keith, who is now moving to Kirkcaldy – we all wish him well!