06 September 2012

The feral family at Dunning have been rounded up (Mum, Dad and three babies), and the tom in St Andrews has finally been caught after three weeks! Sue’s next feral job is on a farm by Ceres. Our Newburgh shop is having a makeover. Sue has bought some of the shelving from the Wee Bakers, which has closed down, and it has already made a big difference to the look and feel of our shop. Many thanks go to Fiona and David, for all their help out of hours. The damp smell has finally gone from the shop, so hopefully we won‘t get flooded again. Although, we are still waiting for the council to sort out the street drains outside. It has been awful weather for plums this year and Sue, for the first time ever, had to buy some the other day! She is hoping to get some greengages from Perth to sell in the shop next week, and to make some jam from. Thanks this week go to the kind gentleman in Gauldry, who has made an anonymous donation.