07 August 2012

The cats we have homed in the past very often come back to Whinnybank to stay, while their owners are on holiday. We have had nine to stay in the past three weeks, and it is always lovely to see them again. Rufus, a big grey boy owned by Sophie and Ian of St Andrews, is always a joy to have back as he plays with all the toys and seems to enjoy his wee holiday. Milly, who stays four or five times a year, sleeps round Sue’s neck whenever she stays! We are hoping to do well at the Auchtermuchty Festival this year. Please come along and see us, and lend a hand if you feel so inclined. Apologies, if we are low on eggs in our shops, the hens are moulting at the moment and egg production always declines at this time. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before they are laying fully again.