03 July 2012

Sue had a bad day on Monday – she lost 2 kittens who had seemed healthy and strong after their battle with cat flu, and then she had bad news from 2 owners of Whinnybank cats: Mr Scobie, who adopted 2 brothers last winter, had to have one of them put to sleep with fluid on the lungs; and Freda of Springfield who fostered elderly Elsa (who had been at the Sanctuary some time and lost both her ears to skin cancer) had to have her put to sleep with a tumour. Our thoughts are with them both at this sad time. Thanks go to the kind gentleman from Gauldry, who wishes to remain anonymous, for his kind cheque. The Muchty Festival will soon be here – if anyone has any items they would like to donate for the tombola we would be very appreciative. Has anyone got any plums on their trees? We usually have loads at Whinnybank for our jam making but after the awful weather we have none at all! Apologies for the lack of good news this week – hopefully we’ll have a better week next week!