19 June 2012

The virus at the Sanctuary is thankfully fading and all the cats are looking a lot healthier & happier. The kittens Sue is hand rearing are still having daily visits to the vets but are starting to look stronger. Snowball, a large tabby & white tom, a resident of Whinnybank, has lost his way & ended up in Newburgh – his photo is in our Newburgh shop window so please take a look and call Sue on 01337 840414 if you see him. He has recently had a dental session at the vets so he will be suffering.

Thanks this week go to Sylvia, who helps in the shop on Mondays & Thursdays, for her kind donations of lovely ornaments; to Ann Aidens & friends of Glasgow for their continuous support through donations of bric-a-brac etc; and to Sophie & Ian of St Andrews for their homemade jam, cat food and bric-a-brac. Sue is always hinting that we need a bigger shop!