28 June 2011

Calls are starting to come in for feral kittens that need to be collected – the only problem we have is where to put them! Would anyone like to help out with fostering? ‘The only difference between domestic and feral kittens is FEAR” is the tag line in a very good article from the cats action trust. To read the rest of the article click  here

Over the past 3 weeks Sue has picked up 5 single smelly feral toms from all over the place. People happily feed these cats until they go on holiday when they are left to fend for themselves.  

Sue discovered a naughty goose sitting on 4 eggs out in the paddock this week – she was lucky the fox wasn’t about! It is very hard to move a broody goose so Sue retrieved the eggs and put them under 2 hens & the goose is now back where she should be! 

We have sad news about Sue’s dog Gilpin – he has a tumour in the cartilage in his nose & has now been started on a month of radiotherapy treatment.Hopefully this will extend his life and he will be able to see the daffodils again.