14 June 2011

A wee kitten called Hugo was taken to our vet this week for a check up after being picked up by one of our kitten fosterers. He was given a flea treatment & the fleas were literally falling off him – we stopped counting at 150!!! What you many not know is that FLEAS CAN KILL KITTENS – such tiny creatures can be made so weak by the fleas sucking their blood that they can quickly go downhill and die. So, please remember to regularly de-flea your cats & kittens (vets sell special kitten spot-on treatments).

The weather forecast for last Sunday wasn’t that great so Sue did the car boot sale at Edinburgh instead and raised £290. She would like to thank the anonymous person who handed in some lovely jewellery & watches to our Auchtermuchty shop – the money raised from them will feed the cats at Whinnybank for a week! We have had a nice lot of cat food handed in to both our shops over the past month – many thanks go to all concerned. Finally, thanks also go to Maureen of Auchtermuchty for her kind donation of money, plants and cat food.