07 June 2011

Steven & David tried a new fundraising venture in St Andrews last week – they had a book stall in Church Square & raised £175. We will probably try it again some time. Thanks to Sophie & Ian for letting Steven park his car at their home after unloading – and for the donation of cat food, bric-a-brac and a bottle of wine.

Sue did the car boot sale at Edinburgh on Sunday & raised £280 – she had to laugh as a lady was interested in a pair of shoes that were £1 – when she tried them on they were way too big so she offered Sue 50p!!!

The Sanctuary is full of cats at the moment & we are now getting prepared for a busy kitten season too – a litter of kittens was born at Star of Markinch a week ago and we are getting more coming in on top of the ones our fosterers are already looking after. The two feral boys which we caught last week are staying at Whinnybank & are settling into their pen. Special thanks this week go to Donna for her generous donation towards the MOT on the red van.