25 May 2011

Sue’s dog Gilpin, who is very much loved by all her friends and helpers is undergoing investigation for nasal problems at the ‘Vets Now’ Hospital in Glasgow. David from Newburgh kindly drove Sue to the hospital to drop Gilpin off, a kindness for which she is very grateful. We’ll keep you informed on Gilpin’s progress. 

Good news – 2 stray cats have been claimed by their owners this week; bad news – we have 11 cats & kittens coming in this weekend! They are all from the same household and will be listed on our website soon with their photos.

We are recruiting volunteers for our Newburgh shop now – if you have a few hours to spare we are looking for anyone who could work half a day or more a week, we especially need cover Mondays – Thursdays. 
We had a good car boot sale in Edinburgh at the weekend, raising £300, one man bought £25 of jam!! We are in need of baby food jars and lids for our jam, if you can remove the labels it would be a great help.

Many thanks this week go to Louise from PADS (Perth Abandoned Dogs Society) for the donation of cat food & cat beds; and to Claire Swan for delivering some duvets to kitten fosterer Linda – all she needs now to get started on making pet beds again is material. If you have any curtains, duvet covers or material, with kiddies designs or stripes, please call Linda on 01382 330457