17 May 2011

As it was so cold last Sunday we decided to do Edinburgh car boot sale instead of Tayport so apologies to anyone who missed us at Tayport – we will be back next time. We had a good day at Edinburgh, raising £260 by selling a phenomenal amount of eggs and jam!!

Sue recently had a chance to get away for a few days with her Grandson so she wishes to thank everyone who made it possible, especially Lisa, Steven, Jan, Claire, John and Jasmine for looking after the Sanctuary and all its residents. We are not sure who was most pleased to see her home again – the dogs or the people! Thanks this also week go to Marjorie of Kingskettle for her donation of cat food and beautiful planters and hanging baskets – they are selling well for us at very reasonable prices.

Kitten fosterer Linda has been asked to make more large animal beds but has run out of both material and quilts. If you have any old quilts (not feather please) or nice material that she can put to good use please call Linda on 01382 330457. She could also do with more sewing machine needles as sewing through quilts is hard on them and they break regularly – she would appreciate donations of any size 16 needles for the quilts, smaller sizes for the material.