09 May 2011

Kitten fosterer Linda, having just knitted & sold well over 100 Easter chicks to raise funds for Whinnybank, gave up her Sunday a couple of weeks ago to spend the day at her sewing machine to raise funds for us yet again.  She made 17 animal beds from lovely children’s animal print, tartan, and yellow striped material and passed them on to Clare the vet who sells them to raise money for the sanctuary.
They are selling really well – in just three days nearly £50 was raised. She has been asked to make more large beds but has run out of both material and quilts. If you have any old quilts (not feather please) or nice material that she can put to good use please call Linda on 01382 330457. She could also do with more sewing machine needles as sewing through quilts is hard on them and they break regularly – she would appreciate donations of any size 16 needles for the quilts, smaller sizes for the material. Keep up the good work Linda!

Thanks this week go to William and Ann Duff from Balmullo for their kind donation of bric-a-brac and cat food. It’s very much appreciated. Finally, we would all like to say a Very Happy 50TH Birthday to Whinnybank volunteer Kim from Edinburgh