02 May 2011

Kitten fosterers Linda and Kevin who took on 2 pregnant semi feral cats a couple of weeks ago are pleased to report that both have now had their litters – a set of 3 and a set of 4 kittens.  They are proving to be great mums and are sharing the feeding of the kittens between them, even though there was a week between the births.
Linda and Kevin are putting in a lot of work and deserve special thanks for their commitment.

With these hard economic times we are starting to think ‘out of the box’ for ways to raise funds, for example, we have started to collect scrap metal which we can convert into food for the cats. We are also collecting old stamps, foreign/old coins and ‘coppers’  – something that Blue Peter has been doing for years! Coins etc can be dropped off at our shop; scrap metal can be dropped off at the Sanctuary or can be uplifted.

Kitten fosterer Linda has done her bit yet again and raised £150 with her knitted Easter Chicks – thanks go to Linda for all her hard work and to Susan & Jeff in the Gauldry shop, Norma from Gauldry, and Clare the vet for helping to sell them. The money raised will go towards reducing our vet bill.

Thanks this week also go to Marjorie for her faithful donation of plants – this week she donated lots of beautiful plants including verbena, mimulus, sunflowers and even pak choi!