22 February 2011

A stray tom cat in Cupar has been fed by locals for the past 5 years but one particular person, who let him into their house & formed a bit of a bond with him, has moved on and was unfortunately unable to take him with them. The cat has now been handed in to Whinnybank which is a shame as he was obviously used to his freedom.

The Newburgh shop is now being renovated – we will be reopening as soon as possible, hopefully on Monday 31 Feb. Many thanks go to Lisa for all her hard work in helping to get the shop emptied in time for the work to start.

Sue did a car boot sale last weekend in Edinburgh, although the table was a little pricey she raised £200 so it was worthwhile. Our next book sale in the Murraygate in Dundee is on Friday 25 February, weather permitting.