15 February 2011

Sue has been busy trapping cats this week – she managed to trap 3 feral cats from the colony at Pitlochry, which will be neutered and returned.
A female cat which had gone missing some time ago from a farm near Colinsburgh was spotted this week – with some difficulty Sue managed to trap her and she has now happily been returned to her home.
A semi-feral tom cat from Springfield was injured in a fight with another cat so it was trapped and treated and has now gone back.
For the first time ever Sue has received requests for kittens for Valentine’s but it is just too early in the year for kittens!

Sue is having more than her fair share of stress with the Newburgh shop because of the leaks through the ceiling from the property upstairs – we have been left with a lot of damage in the shop. Since the first leak at the end of October, the shop has hardly been open so it is a big worry as we are losing out on much needed funds for the Sanctuary.
Sue will be opening the Newburgh shop on Saturdays to receive donations of bric-a-brac, clothes etc and to sell eggs, jam, birdseed etc. Please remember that although our Auchtermuchty shop is not open on Saturdays it is open the rest of the week. Hopefully the problems with the Newburgh shop can be resolved soon and we can get back to normal. Thanks this week go to Liz Crabb of Gauldry for her kind donation of books.