08 February 2011

A mystery has been solved at last! A 15 year old cat had been visiting someone in Auchtermuchty so frequently that he was thought to be a stray – especially as he seemed to be very skinny. We discovered that the cat was microchipped but had difficulty in tracing the owner as she had not updated her microchip records when she moved house.
The owner was eventually found – she lives only a field and a couple of gardens away! The cat obviously likes to have 2 homes and both parties have agreed to feed him the same food to avoid the stomach upsets he was experiencing. We were also happy to discover that being thin and lanky was his natural shape, as is the case with many oriental/part-oriental cats. It is a happy solution as he doesn’t have to cross any roads to visit either house and both parties are keeping in touch.

A good lesson to learn from this is to remember to update your cat’s records as well as your own if you move house – it can save a lot of upset and confusion.

A small collection in memory of Andrew Flynn of Cupar was gratefully received this week.