25 January 2011

We have only just homed the last 3 kittens from last year and already the prospect of a busy kitten season this year is upon us!
In the last 3 weeks domestic cats have been coming into season – although it is still cold outside, lighter days and central heating play a part in making the season earlier.
Feral cats will start their season next month, more in line with the natural season. The gestation period for a cat is 9 weeks so we are expecting a glut of kittens in May.
We need more Fife-based kitten fosterers to help out at the busy time – all you need is a spare room, some time and, preferably but not essentially, a car for trips to the vet etc. Please get in touch with Sue if you are interested in helping out.

Big thanks this week go to Mary, Brian and Ian of Ceres for their kind donations of bric-a-brac, food and money. As always, we are in need of carrier bags and baby food jars (with their lids please) – they can be dropped off at our shops in Newburgh & Auchtermuchty.